Is Fantasies Galz's Karma Alexandra Dating Ziza Bafana?

Posted: 2015-06-05T17:28:03Z

The extremely gorgeous, talented and sexy vocalist from the Girl band, Fantasies Galz has been rumored to be dating the "Guluma nasomye" singer,  Ziza Bafana.

Our snoops can for now confirm that the two have been exchanging nudes, Whatsapp messages, and moving out for dinner a few times now. Its is also rumored that this newly found romance by Ziza is also threatening to tear the girl group apart just one month after their hit song "Ngalabi", a uniquely mastered family advisory song went Viral yet Ziza Seems to be unbothered by it.

The previously little known lady also known as Karma Alex has mesmerized Ugandans with her trademark sharp and powerful unique voice that has characterized all Fantasies Galz songs choruses like Ngalabi, Tugenda Kucakala ft. Gravity Omutujju , "Don't Touch" , "Happy People", "Sneaker", "Ekitundu" to mention but a few.

"Instead of rehearsing like the rest, her fingers and eyes are always fixed on whatsapp and when we snoop into her phone like we girls usually do, we see several exchanges between her and Ziza. The one that annoyed me most is when Ziza sent a snap with a caption reading "Jayo Nteke yo" in reference to his popular song. That is so....   When I confronted Ziza to let her concentrate for now, he jokingly said "Nawe Melissa, omuwala leka mwongere mu talanta, as in he is just trying to "pump in more talent in her",  msewww" said Melissa, another band mate.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the "Shy Gal" singer has been spotted by our snoops "camping" outside Fantasies Galz shows, concerts and events.

We shall be bringing you this news as it comes ONLY on our big site.

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