G.N.L Zamba Dreaming In Color at Holly Wood Hills – Photos

Posted: 2015-06-01T10:57:32Z

Ever since Zamba hooked up a white woman ‘Tamara’ his life has never been the same. Traveling became his a adopted hobby…the two lover birds spent quite a lot of time together in the states.

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 Then came the Baboon Tv project he’s been on for a while now and it has got some fans asking questions, when is it going to be out? How long till we actually watch Baboon Tv on satellite Tv?  Zamba has also been doing some acting, shooting skits and putting them up on you tube just to keep fans preoccupied.

Like any other celeb he took it to his official facebook page to update his current coordinates and it checks out he was at Holly wood Hills enjoying the mountain scenary.

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