Podcast: Bukedde Tv Presenter FLAVIA Attacked Over Man Snatching

Posted: 2015-05-17T08:44:24Z Read: 20,438 times

Are bukedde tv presenters becoming evil advocates? Every bizarre happenings have an element of Bukedde in it- From sex tapes, Defilement accusations to Man snatching....

Apparently, a strange woman has come out through a whatsapp audio  in which she accuses Oluyimba lwo presenter Flavia Namulindwa for snatching her Man , the lady bitterly throws abominable insults to Flavia and vows to teach her a lesson if she doesn't leave her man alone.

She further verbalizes that Flavia snatched singer Gravity Omutujju from her friend but she won't let the same thing happen to her.

"I know the lodge where you and my guy Joel engage but I swear upon the living God- Am going to trap you there and thrash you until you grow a mountain on your cheeks " -- she said.

We reached Flavia for a word about the allegations ... but she was too timid to comment.