Mozey Radio Before He Gained Prominence -- Throwback Photo

Posted: 2015-05-05T08:16:11Z

There is no way we can erase our past, Not even money, fame or technology can change history. 

Oftentimes Celebrities tend to forget where they came from but Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo alias Radio, has reminded humble and kept a wide eye to step to greater heights.

Radio kicked off his Career as a backup singer in Chameleone's Leone Island Music camp, he released a couple of singles like Sweet lady, Jennifer , under the label but Later teamed up with his boss's young brother Weasel Manizo to form the greatest duo we've ever had in East Africa.

He has risen to high ranks in the music scene and created a credible portfolio as a great song writer and musician, Radio is majorly known for his rare Vocal ability and his efforts have won him several music Awards and Nominations.

We came across a throw back photo of him in a school uniform , without his famous beard. Looking at him then, it is evident that hardwork is the secret that has pushed him to where he is today.

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