Chameleone Blasts Media Over AK47 Death --- Yo’ Heartless, Shameless, and Like To Make More Sales By Disrespecting The Dead

Posted: 2015-03-27T07:38:11Z

Chameleone who is still mourning  the loss of his brother AK 47,  has also taken the opportunity to express his disappointment at the manner in which the media has been reporting the unfortunate and untimely demise of his brother and has sent a word to the public that they should uphold African values and respect the dead.

Through his Facebook fan page:

The only way we can show love to Friends we lost is Remembering them. From my heart I took every moment and wrapped it in this Tribute to my Friend,Brother and Soldier AK47.How I wish we can all have peace at heart to let this young fallen soldier rest in peace.Unlike the heartless media that is depending on his Fate like Vultures in the name of making more sales and shamelessly walking home after disrespecting the Dead.Lets bow down to culture like African people as we keep Forgiveness and peace prevail. I remember every moment we shared. I Pray and Hope that one day we will meet again.