Jackie O Allegedly Pregnant of Cindy Sanyu’s Hubby Ken Muyisa!!

Posted: 2015-03-24T13:38:26Z Read: 9,834 times

Well the only proof that may pin Kenneth Muyisa as the father of the unborn baby is  DNA otherwise it’s speculation as the former Obsessions Group dancer, Jackie O, is said to be four months pregnant.

According to the rumours going around, Jackie O was heard telling friends that Cindy is not the official wife of Ken!! She claimed that Ken was her man, and nothing would stop her from doing anything with Kenneth Muyisa.

Early this year, singer Cindy Sanyu was ousting Jackie from their shared hubby, Kenneth Muyisa’s bar and whooper who she claimed was trying to seduce her man.

It is said that when Cindy and Ken temporarily separated last year, the South African based witchdoctor decided to hook up with Jackie O surrendering all his properties to her.

However, Cindy was not going to lose out that easily, she sent Jackie packing out of the Kansanga based Da Boss bar.

Alternative sources have indicated that Jackie O’s pregnancy is for a city businessman, identified as Nagib Mutebi.

Meanwhile as the father of Jackie’s baby is still being guessed, only time will tell as Howwe snoops enter intensive investigation.

We will keep you updated