‘Jose Chameleone Didn’t Murder Karamagi’- Tamale Mirundi

Posted: 2015-03-10T11:07:34Z Read: 8,681 times

The president’s ‘barking dog’ Tamale Mirundi has strongly defended musician Dr. Jose Chameleone over allegations of murder.

Last week we reported to you of how the Director of Public Prosecutions Justice Mike Chibita ordered the reopening of the case file with Chameleone facing possible murder charges.

However, Presidential Press secretary Tamale while appearing on a local TV talk show this morning, motor mouthed Tamale Mirundi questioned the DPP and CIID’s reopening of Chameleone’s case when it was closed after investigations showed that Chameleone didn’t murder Karamagi.

 “DPP and CIID are thieves who want Chameleone’s money. He didn’t murder the young man because investigations because investigations were carried out.  They want Chameleone’s money, they are thieves.  I have never met Chameleone personally but if possible he should hire me and I abuse everyone for him,” he said.