Ruth Komuntale’s Ex Hubby, Chris Nailed with Another Man's WIFE ... Attempts to commit Suicide

Posted: 2015-02-22T16:42:20Z Read: 7,138 times

On Valentine's day, Komuntale's ex hubby Christopher Thomas attempted to commit suicide after he was nabbed in lodge with another man's wife. Thomas was at Cassia lodge located in Buziga, a Kampala surbub in Makindye Division, partying with his friend who also had a dish before being attacked by the hubby of the woman that Chris had.

After learning that his woman was with Chris at the lodge, the raged babe's spouse stormed the venue with Police accusing Chris of destroying his family.

According to reports from Redpepper, Thomas had been cornered by the babe's hubby so he decided to cause a scene at the swimming pool where they were standing. Chris reportedly jumped into the pool with his clothes on to avoid being thumped by the furious man ... while threatening to drown himself if not left alone.

Revellers reportedly vanished the scene thinking Chris was seriously going to commit suicide. Apparently, the cops sweet talked Chris to get him out of the water but he couldn't comply, so they applied a little bit of force and finally got him out.

Chris reportedly begged the police not to call Komuntale's mom about what had happened.

After a couple of minutes, Police drove away with Chris, his friend, the two babes and the guy whose wife Chris was making out with.

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