Report: Bebe Cool Finally Decides To Pay Tribute To Bobi Wine’s Father

Posted: 2015-02-17T09:41:48Z

Bobi wine paid his last respects to his late father who was laid to rest Feb. 12. The legendary singer was accompanied by most Ugandan fellow artists and celebrities, but for some reason that remains obscured, fellow legendary singer and music rival “Bebe Cool” skipped the burial.

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Bebe Cool was reportedly celebrating in a party dubbed "Gagamel victory party" with his Gagamel fans after winning the HMA for "Best Fan Group". However, his fans didn't think the celebration should have stopped him from burying Jackson [Bobi's dad] because they believe that party could be rescheduled.

After a lot of criticism and insults, Bebe Cool and his Gagamel family have according to reports, set off this morning to Gomba Kanoni to pay tribute and respects to the late J.W Ssentamu. The family of the late Ssentamu is apparently okay with it and Bobi's brother Eddy Yawe is accompanying them.