Love is in the Air: Fille's Valentine's Message To Mc Kats is Something

Posted: 2015-02-14T07:45:50Z

Ah, Valentine's Day.

The day to tell someone you love them, the day to spend silly amounts of cash on cheesy cards and even cheesier gifts, but above all the day when celebrities flood our facebook news feed and twitter timelines with vom-inducing terribly sweet pictures and messages. 

Pregnant Fille Mutoni kicked off the day's cute posts with a pic of her apparent husband, Mc Kats and captioned it with a romantic message you have to outbalance if you want your valentine's day to top theirs.

Don't worry, it's not that solid -- but it is something.

You are special to me in many ways...No words will matter to me or ever will.....i know who you are....happy valentines cheri boo...

Mc Kats

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