Pallaso Sets To Leave TEAM NO SLEEP, As Jeff - Pallaso Relationship Falls Apart

Posted: 2015-02-04T10:10:04Z Read: 5,134 times

When Pallaso reunited with Chameleone and Radio and Weasel, not everyone was happy with it.

Apparently, Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso’s manager Jeff Kiwa had warned him several times not to associate with Radio and Weasel --- because the two and Jeff don't really get along!

Our sources in Team No Sleep however tell us that Pallaso has already laid down his tools despite not making an official statement, yet. The source further says Pallaso and Jeff Kiwa have been involved in a lot of conflicts that range from SHEEBAH-PALLASO relationship, which Kiwa thinks has put down the quality of their music work!

Additionally, ever since Pallaso did a song with Davido, he [Pallaso] is said to have become snot-nosed and apparently Jeff finds it unnecessary for an artist who is still growing to rebel against his own.

Though Pallaso is still attending gigs around town under TNS, all is not well in the camp.

Meanwhile, news reaching us indicate that Pallaso is set to start a solo career because his hit partner Sheebah is reportedly staying at Jeff's camp.

Due to unceasing conflicts and untamed atmosphere in the Team No Sleep camp, both Akay and Bakri who were part of Pallaso, Sheebah and Lydia Jazmine, went solo.

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