Thugs reportedly Break Into Bakri's Apartment

Posted: 2015-01-21T15:45:18Z

Yesterday evening around 8pm, thugs reportedly broken into Bakri's apartment in Muyenga Bukasa - Matovu lane where he stays with his girlfriend. The singer was not at home by the time of this shocking incident.

We're being told that the thugs stole his Lenovo laptop and other property. -- The singer is so worried about his laptop because according to those close to him, it may have had a lot of his projects which could have landed in the wrong hands.

There has been minor-spread speculation that his former crew members 'Team No Sleep' may be involved ... but that's a rumor we can't confirm yet.

At the time, we're being told that Bakri was out with another woman -- cheating on his girlfriend -- and that the robbery might have been initiated by his angry girlfriend after she found out. Also a rumor we're investigating.

We'll keep you posted in case of any developments.

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