GNL Zamba Fires Manager

Posted: 2013-12-15T01:53:38Z

GNL accuses martin of not being serious on his job.

“This is to inform my fans, our business partners, friends and the baboon family that ark martin kyaligamba no longer represents the interests and vision of baboon forest. The reasons are arrogance to our partners, insubordination, greed and misrepresentation of the company’s interests,” said GNL.

He further accused Martin of not organizing the recent Baboon Forest concerts in a professional way.

SEJJUSA Album Concert Crowned FLOP of the YEAR

“My decision stems from the way the “white shadows” album release party and the Sejjusa concert have been handled especially tonight, I’m truly disappointed, wasn’t involved in its production, planning execution and its all the makings of my former manager who of two months ago was fired and now I am making it official.”