Posted: 2013-12-14T16:31:05Z

Three years down the road, singers Jose Chameleon and Vampino still don't see eye to eye because until the Badilisha star still holding onto the beef stemming from the latter's hooking up with one Suzanna, who happens to be Chameleone's ex.

Inspite of Chameleone being a married man, it is no secret that he shares a very close relationship with Suzanna, a fact that he has repeatedly bragged about to his friends. The two used to spend a lot of time together until Vampino entered the picture.

We have learnt that Suzanna fell hopelessly in love with the "I know singer" and even have a child together.

Since then the duo that were once friends have been at logger heads with their worst fist fight being outside a top club in industrial area where it was alleged that Chameleone and his rag tag security team thumped Vampino to near pulp.

It is said that a few days later the above incident, Chameleone combed through every available address where he thought Vampino was all in the name of begging the fellow to drop the case which had been reported to Jinja Road Police Station.

Finally, he tracked Vampino down and even offered a hefty sum of money which the former rejected and simply asked for an apology.

Proud as he is, Chameleone swore never to apologise to someone "as lowly as Vampos". The beef has escalated and our pries have been reliably informed that a few people in the industry have been trying to act as mediators between the two but all their efforts have so far gone to waste.