Exclusive: The Evil Maid That Tortured The Baby Has Been Revealed…What’s Next?

Posted: 2014-11-22T07:32:07Z

If you’re a working parent, you would be thinking of moving with your babies at your work place, following a viral video of the evil maid who was torturing a two year-old spread all over social media.

It’s so sad and traumatizing when you start watching this disturbing video.

Watch the video. Click Here

Howwe snoopers have exclusively revealed the identity of the evil maid.

The maid has been identified as Jolly Tumuhiirwe from Rukungiri District; aged 22… according to Police file number CRB 1346/14 of Kiira Road police station filed by the baby’s parents. It is further said; the maid has been torturing the young angel for quite some time until the father we have identified by the names of Eric Kamanzi raised his suspicions after finding the baby with bruises almost every day from work.

Mr. Kamanzi and his wife had already installed hidden camera in his house – Angella ‘Kamanzi’s wife’ had changed one of the cameras and placed it on top of the side-board. It’s this very camera that captured the maid brutally beating up the child from the couch in the seating room.

In a chat conversation with her friend, Angella had this to say about the incident:

“The camera has always been there, but there was a way this gal had won my trust. I come home the kids are fed and sleeping sometimes. The house is clean and she was too quiet, humble and seemed innocent. It was when I had found bruises on her and on asking, she would innocently say maybe she fell down. Then i noticed she would never be happy or annoyed. She would be like same all the time. I suspected something wasn’t right. So i changed the position of the camera from where it was previously recorded, and on Thursday last that’s what we saw with my husband.”

On November 15th 2014, Kamanzi hastily went to review the footages the cameras had captured, it was to his shock that he found such a disgusting and traumatizing footage – the evil maid mercilessly beating up his daughter.

The family of Kamanzi stays in Kiwatule where the case was first taken before they were forwarded to Kiira Road Police station.

The police are reportedly reviewing the situation and have further mentioned that Jolly’s case may be upgraded to attempted murder. She’s apparently been remanded to Luzira prison and we’ve gotten approved reports that she’ll re-appear in Court on December 8th 2014.

This is a growing story: we’ll keep you updated in case of any developments.

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