Ang3lina, Where Is Our TWERK Video Now? Huh! -- Uganda Won!

Posted: 2014-11-15T10:25:25Z

If Uganda win....I Will upload a twerking video

Yep! Ang3lina shared that about 2 hours ago ... which means the game was still going on and by that time, Uganda had scored our first goal, thanks to the cranes defender 'Savio Kabugo' ... her wish came true and now we need her to fulfil her promise. And we will let Savio watch the twerk video first.

We're not sure though what the beautiful 'Ghetto Lovin' hit maker will be shaking since her butt isn't big enough ... but we'll go with the fact that Miley essentially was the cause of the addition of the word 'twerk' in the dictionary -- and her butt is not huge, is it?! But her ass--when she twerks--be jiggling like hell.

We'll keep you updated, this is a growing post ... but you already know why!

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