Hellen Lukoma Is Like Roasted Pigeon - Mary Luswata.

Posted: 2014-11-03T23:58:47Z Read: 5,186 times

Scoop on Scoop Gossip Queen never ceases to amaze her fans with those words that she uses to attack her prey..... The words are so piercing that if you are Fille, you may want to fight.

Sometime back, she introduced “Open Leg Syndrome” (OLS) word in our Showbiz dictionary….and everyone is at it. She even at one time called Desire Luzinda’s nude photo, in which she was squatting in a bath tab like-

‘Hell no, Desire's body is like a skinned pig?’.

As the gossip monger took to scoop on scoop program yesterday, she talked about Desire Luzinda’s nudity as a blessing in disguise for poor chaps in Owino market. And used Hellen Lukoma as a point of reference.......

 As quoted...

Desire is an international whore, who is paid millions to display her flower for people to see. I guess everyone has seen her nudies...... don’t talk about other nude celebrities like Hellen Lukoma who the public would see her naked pictures, and they go like…..look at this ka-roasted pigeon!! she looks really terrible.

So Mary Luswata thinks, Hellen Lukoma is a roasted pigeon, who doesn’t sell to public eyes….like Desire Luzinda!! Do you think this is true, or she is trying to put  Lukoma down with …her slim but rather sexy body?