New Details Emerge On Why Nadia Mbire Marriage is Cracking

Posted: 2021-12-21T21:04:39Z
New Details Emerge On Why Nadia Mbire Marriage is Cracking

Not long ago, it became public knowledge that Nadia Mbire was cheating on her husband, Yasser Matovu. This was after a video leaked in which Nadia was seen cozying up with one Raymond in a hotel room.

It also emerged that Yasser was trying to file for divorce.

He is trying to start a new life with another babe only identified as Brendah.

Insiders say their marriage woes are deeper, cheating is just a drop in the ocean.

Nadia and Yasser have had issues in their marriage for a long time, stemming from Nadia’s love for a soft life.

“She doesn’t behave like a wife. She is like the modern version of Maria Antoinette. She doesn’t cook for Yasser. She hires private chefs who cook food for the whole week. She keeps it in the fridge for Yasser, then goes to chill with girlfriends,” says the source that preferred anonymity.

“Nadia disrespects Yasser's relatives when they visit, she leaves the house whenever they come around,” the source adds.

*Yasser’s Secret Affair *

Our source says Yasser’s relatives want him to settle with Brendah who is allegedly carrying his baby.

Brendah and Yasser are said to have known each other for more than a year. Although he has kept their affair a private matter, he opened up to his close family and they prefer her to Nadia.