Chance Nalubega Clashes With Pr.Yiga’s Family

Posted: 2021-12-07T18:42:01Z
Chance Nalubega Clashes With Pr.Yiga’s Family

Veteran singer Chance Nalubega is battling with Pr. Yiga’s family for child support.

They are not cooperative due to reservations that the boy might not carry Yiga’s blood.

The family wants her to take a DNA test to confirm whether the child is truly one of their own.

Nalubega is reluctant to do the test.

In Yiga's will, it is stated that he didn't leave a widow.

His heir Andrew Jjengo confessed in an interview that he is overwhelmed by demands from all women who claim to have her late father's kids.

It is reported that her stepmom and lawyers reportedly want his father’s property sold off so that the money can be distributed to the respective beneficiaries.