Pastor Jjengo Under Pressure to Sell ABS TV

Posted: 2021-11-19T19:32:26Z
Pastor Jjengo Under Pressure to Sell ABS TV

A few days ago, Annet Yiga, a widow of late Pastor Augustine Yiga came out to accuse Pastor Jjengo, an heir to Yiga’s empire of neglecting his sibling.

When this landed at Kawaala, Jjengo called a meeting with all family members to discuss, among other issues, how to support the many children scattered all over Uganda.

During the meeting, it is rumored that Jjengo was asked by some family members to sell ABS TV so that they solve their problems.

Jjengo, however, told the media that nothing is going to be sold. He also mentioned that some people had asked him to sell the church which he found bizarre.

“The church is not ours. It’s for the people,” he said. 

He went on to say that he is overly stressed by family fueds.