Rukh-Shana's Love Story: A Facebook Friend Request That Led To Marriage

Posted: 2021-11-16T20:25:42Z
Rukh-Shana's Love Story: A Facebook Friend Request That Led To Marriage

On TV, Rukh-Shana Namuyimbwa looked like a hard nut to crack when it comes to love affairs. But for her new husband, Felix Kitaka, a series of Facebook posts worked magic.

In 2018, Kitaka confessed through Facebook that he ranked Rukh-Shana as his favorite news anchor and wished to meet her.


The two started to communicate virtually until a meeting happened.

When they finally met, Rukh-Shana felt as though she had known Kitaka for a decade. The connection was palpable. It was a love born on Facebook. And over the weekend, the couple tied the knot.


Who is Kitaka?


Kitaka is a Ugandan software developer and has worked with different companies such as Andela, Ginger, and others.


When he is not coding, Kitaka spends his time writing. He is the author of a book named "story of Mutambuze". In his book, Felix describes a school dropout who managed to make it in his field and seeks to change the mindset that only those who go to school and finish University can make it.

Kitaka’s story and expressiveness helped him win Rukh-Shana's heart.

Rukh-Shana had given up on dating after failing to find a Mr. Right. 


In an earlier interview, she said she had waited and always wanted to have a child after legally getting married. 

But a wedding wasn’t coming so she decided to adopt a child who is now over 9 years.


“I didn’t want to have a child outside wedlock. I kept waiting for Mr.Right to come through and marry me but he couldn’t so I decided to adopt,” she revealed in the past interview.


She is said to have been in a relationship with Edwin Katungye years back but he disappointed her.