I Regret Working with Opposition - Jose Chameleone

Posted: 2021-10-17T19:09:22Z
I Regret Working with Opposition - Jose Chameleone

Last month, Leone Island boss Jose Chameleone publicly denounced his support for the National Unity Platform(NUP) and switched to the National Resistance Movement.

In an interview with local television, Jose Chameleone noted that he regrets joining the opposition. He announced they lost focus, they can no longer unseat the current government.

He asserted that the NRM government has its transgressions but they can't dominate the positives. With NRM, there is room for dialogue unlike in the opposition where they specialize in abusing anyone with divergent views.

"I even delayed joining the government. The opposition tries to paint a picture of hopelessness among the citizens yet many are progressing in various ways. I regret believing in them," he said.

Chameleone added that he doesn't mind what some people believe in politically, he wants to win more hearts to the government side.