Vampino Arrest Story is a Stunt-  Kasuku Claims

Posted: 2021-09-29T18:34:50Z
Vampino Arrest Story is a Stunt-  Kasuku Claims

Dancehall musician, Vampino recently used his social media channels to announce that he had been arrested in Jamaica.

He posted, "Uganda my peeps help me and contact the embassy am locked in a Jamaican cell in Montego bay. Have no help here".

After his release from jail, he narrated that his visa had issues, he couldn't access the USA. He was sent back to Jamaica where he had been for some days.

After reaching the country, he was reportedly sent to jail because there is no direct flight from Jamaica to Africa.

Radio presenter, Kasuku, has come out to poke holes in Vampino's story arguing that he is only looking for relevance.

“Which country arrests travelers because of lack of direct flights to another country?” Kasuku wondered.

Kasuku goes on to say, “Vampino should release music instead of doing stunts. They won’t help.”

Through his social media accounts, Vampino claimed he shared space with rapists, drug addicts, and other hardcore criminals.
He added that he had been helped by Bobi Wine to be released from jail.
According to Kasuku, Vampino mentioned Bobi Wine's name to make his story more believable.