Uganda lacks music investors - Kalifah Aganaga 

Posted: 2021-09-16T19:40:39Z
Uganda lacks music investors - Kalifah Aganaga 

Musician Kalifa Aganaga made his breakthrough in 2013 with his hit song, "Mina Konda". 

He was then signed to Twinkle Star, a label that was then managed by struggling music manager Emma Carlos. 

Aganaga later went solo under Bad Character Records, but it has not been a smooth ride as he anticipated. 

He blames his failure to flourish on the lack of music investors in the country. 

The “kibooko” hitmaker says most Ugandan musicians have no money to invest in their careers. This forces many promising artists to drop out of the industry because there are no professional record labels to manage them.

 “You can‘t do anything without money in the music industry. Musicians will always fail because we don’t have music investors,” he explains.

Aganaga asks the Government to invest in the industry if they want them to compete in the international market.