Chameleone Introduced Me to Alcohol - Clever J

Posted: 2021-09-14T20:06:36Z
Chameleone Introduced Me to Alcohol - Clever J

Struggling musician Gerald Muwonge a.k.a Clever J recently opened up about his old days with Leone Island crew headed by Jose Chameleone. 

He narrated that he spent most of his youthful years abusing drugs, and alcohol.

His boss, Jose Chameleone initiated him and other young musicians to alcohol. 

According to Clever J, Chameleone had a lot of money and connections in all high-end bars that supplied them liquor nonstop. 

"Yes, we had money and used to buy all the alcohol we wanted. Our boss, Chameleone had connections in various bars around town and he introduced many of us to alcohol," he explained while recounting his golden days in an interview with a local YouTuber.

Clever J acquired overnight fame for his hit "Manzi Wanani" in 2007.

He started his music career in Leone Island before leaving the crew to concentrate on a solo career.