Keko Allegedly Dating Fellow Female Singer Spice Diana.

Posted: 2014-10-28T06:02:52Z

It is so interesting how love is blind… is so blind that one woman can fall deep in love with a fellow woman. Don’t ask me how that comes up. But that wouldn’t surprise you if they told you Keko wishes she were a man….and bonk those beautiful girls wiggling their asses like…wiggle-wiggle!!. Keko’s thing for fellow females is not new. She dated and finger-f*cked Sheebah Karungi for year. When Sheebah chucked her for proper and greener pastures [sorry for better sex], she was emotionally, psychologically and psychosomatically affected that she had to be checked into a rehabilitation centre on Entebbe Road.

sheeba and kekoPhoto of Keko and ex-girlfriend Sheebah

For the sometime, Keko has been lonely, but news popping up is rapper Keko was spotted on several occasions with talented new singer Spice Diana in a way you would term…”Ntwaala Nuune Ku Ice-Cream”. Yes, that moment when you’re caressing and owning someone to close to your heart.

Spice Diana, the sweeting looking babe….who an adolescent from some high school can just stare at and straight the pants start bulging because of her flawless beauty and too much fantasizing- is rumoured to be comfortable in Keko’s chest. It’s this same chic that Khalifa Aganaga was rumoured to be in love with and that they were doing ‘daddy and mummy’ bad manners before spice joined Twinkle Star.

spice diana.Photo of Spice Daina.

Spice Diana and her husband Keko have been keen-sighted together at Club Amnesia on several occasions. On one occasion while Spice Diana premiered her Onsanula video, Keko admitted that she loved the song so much. Then just lately at the video shoot of Diana’s new song Nze Akwagala, Keko was tight marking ‘his’ girlfriend.