I am Grateful That I Was Sent to Jail - Bad Black

Posted: 2021-08-30T19:32:55Z
I am Grateful That I Was Sent to Jail - Bad Black

In 2012, the Anti-Corruption Court sentenced socialite Bad Black to four years for embezzling Shs11 billion from Daveshan Company.

At that time, she was known as the biggest party spender. She lived like she owned keys to the National treasury. Money was never her problem like it is now. No one ever guessed that she would ever be chased from a rental, she owned several properties around the city.

But it seems like, with all the money, she was struggling mentally and physically.

In a new interview, Bad Black talked about her golden days and confessed that if she hadn't been jailed, she would have run mad or even died due to the reckless lifestyle.

“I had become a nuisance. I had a lot of money and it was driving me crazy. Arresting me gave me a breather,” she confessed.

Bad Black went on to say she was also addicted to drugs at the time of her arrest.

“Staying in jail helped me to be clean. I used snort all types of drugs,” she added. 

Those who saw her in her first days in jail, she said, considered her mad. But as time passed, she regained her senses.