Bruno K, Angella Katatumba Clash on TV 

Posted: 2021-08-29T20:26:43Z
Bruno K, Angella Katatumba Clash on TV 

Musicians Angella Katatumba and Bruno K are not on good terms. The two have turned into foes after she appeared in the media and suggested that Bruno K was ignorant of the contents of his contract with Black Market Records (BMR).  

“Bruno K needs to cool down and go back to Cedric Singleton, (the BMR CEO) and negotiate. The Record label is legit. My brand Katatumba has always been associated with people of integrity. He signed for five years in an exclusive deal. He still has four more years,” she said during several interviews.

She again appeared on UBC TV to re-affirm the same. But she didn’t get away with it this time, as Bruno K was listening in. 

Furious Bruno K had to call to give her a piece of his mind. 

 “You know that a contract is between an artist, manager, and people signing. Angella, you are not a witness to my contract. So, you cannot talk like that. You do not have a copy of my contract. I sat with Cedric Singleton and my manager, Ivan Kasozi plus my lawyers for hours, studying every clause. BMR edited my contract and changed the terms. We agreed if there was a breach, we would terminate it. It was one year. So, I do not know what you are talking about,” Bruno K told Angella Katatumba during an interview with UBC’s Calvin De Entertainer.

He also warned her to stay away from discussions about his contract.

It should be noted that in a series of media outbursts,  Bruno K accused Black Market Records boss, Cedric Singleton, of failing to compensate him fairly after distributing his music for a year. He quit the label as soon as the contract in contention ended.