Here Is Why Miss Uganda Will Be More Popular than Lupita Nyong'o?!

Posted: 2014-10-27T09:21:45Z

People have not yet noticed that Leah Kalanguka is moving from glory to glory, look from a chicken and mushroom farmer to computer engineer then now Miss Uganda. Who knows what next? ... Miss Universe. This is how someone can come from Zero to Hero, Lupita Nyongo who started her movie career here in Uganda before whites snatched her and claimed “Lupita Nyong'o is a Mexican-Kenyan actress. Who graduated from Hampshire College with a bachelor's degree in film and theatre studies, became a production assistant on several Hollywood films.” was nobody to the movie scene and Ugandans who saw her struggling during the auditions that were here in Uganda… See where she has reached in a few years and wonder! She is now best Actress in Hollywood according to Academy Award

However much, social media and international media portraying this story in the negative light, proof that stereotypes on beauty have been challenged. This may be Leah Kalanguka push to fame as international media is wondering how a African farmer can be Miss Uganda!!

leah miss uganda

BBC, CNN, FRANCE 24, CCTV news are all trending with this story… “Chicken and Mushroom Farmer crowned Miss Uganda” .Well, She may not be the most beautiful Girl in Uganda by the looks, but she is the most beautiful by African Values and the theme of Miss Uganda 2014/2015.

leah miss ugandaPhoto of France 24 trending with the news!

the sunday timesPhoto of The Sunday Times trending with the news!

As many people in Africa have been saying many times, Beauty pageants must have an inspiring role and background. Now, this contest will inspire other girls deep down in village to know that being Miss Uganda is not just having a big booty, pretty brown face, and must have slept around with a number of guys to appear in tabloids and local TVs-they now know Beauty without brains is useless. The Ugandan approach could set a trend and a new twist in Beauty pageants of Africa.

Like one person from Malawi (Arthur Phiri) put it up on social media, we've been choosing nightclub queens, community whores and street b*tches as beauty queens and all we get is news of promiscuity and immorality dubbed as celebrity gossip. This is total neo-colonialism at work, no wonder, that’s why whites will promote their valueless cultures through sponsoring shows on TV like BBA hotshots and other uncultured behavior…… I wish this was the trend elsewhere!

Kabamba Apuuli Ben :If they had chosen her as miss hot i would also complain but she was chosen as Miss Uganda because of her brains. Many hot ladies flaunt their bodies around without dignity and morals. So what if she keeps chicken better than most women who sleep around for money. No wonder most women who take themselves to be beautiful never settle in marriage. Just sluts and whores calling themselves beautiful.

So we leave you to think about it, Do you think Why Miss Uganda Can be Popular than Lupita Nyongo?!