What Ugandan Celebrities Think Of Miss Uganda.

Posted: 2014-10-27T06:41:48Z

Leah, A former mushroom and poultry farmer was crowned Miss Uganda following a major rebranding of the annual beauty pageant, now designed to promote agriculture. The theme for this year was promoting agriculture, but as usual Ugandans threw all types of insults immediately after the Iganga district born Leah Kalanguka was crowned Miss Uganda 2014/2015 on Saturday evening at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

There we go, Miss Uganda could get more known than Lupita Nyongo! Lol... and whoever chose to refer to her as a 'Former Farmer' thanks to her few weeks on the farm she could  soon be known as a PR genius!! 

But what do celebrities have to say?

Mugisher Roger, A presenter on KFM

She had the highest score according to the 6 judges , she is from Kamuli and was crowned miss Uganda 2014-2015. If you don't participate in elections, Big brother etc..Never complain when go getters take action. Congratulations Leah You believed and have achieved. The 'Angelina Jolies' of Uganda think that some Gps satellite will track them down to win a title that requires voluntary participation. "Walala wasala"

Hady Ssengo Halliwell, An Actor with Ebonies 

Uhmm!!!! Lord have mercy
Just imagine u werent a ugandan nga u dont even know uganda otudde mu audience youre watching miss world & dis lady came out as ug's representative. What wud be your 1st thout about uganda & its ladies/gentlemen?

 Julie Mutesasira, Gospel Musician

But this miss Uganda is good looking only that the other photo wasn't nice like you can take a photo nekigana me I appreciate her Bambi congs miss Uganda you worked for it

 MrMosh Di-Afrikan, Tropical Heat Presenter At Urban Television

Now that it's confirmed everybody here got a beautiful mother, sister, girlfriend, wife, maid, neighbors n OGs
Why tha hell didn't u encourage them to contest for ‪#‎MISS_UGANDA‬ ?

Judith Heard QueenBee, Patron of Miss University Uganda

Wow and wow Ugandans never stop disappointing me who gives anyone the right to call someone ugly?? ‪#‎MissUgandaWorld‬ is a very gorgeous woman congratulations to you. You define beauty for yourself, society doesn’t define your beauty. Your spirit and your faith defines your beauty.

Tony Konshens Zarmboki ,Marketing Director at Club Twilight

I once told you i hate being successful in Uganda..Not because i don't want to ,but i just hate it.Coz Ugandans are mean and jelous motherf*ckers n bitches. Whe...n you a guy n you make it to the top,they say yo gay or illuminati.and when yo a gal n make it to the top ,they ll start their lame n bogus accusations.. They think being miss uganda,,one must have a big booty,,pretty brown face,n must have slept around with a number of guys and as well know where Cassablanca is located ,and must have appeared in tabloids n local tvs..Hell no,,you puss***s,the fact that you dint pick the Miss Uganda nomination forms in the first place makes you loosers,coz you fear competition,.And now that the gal made it to be the current beauty peagant ,ya all are using just one pic of hers that din't go well to undermine her capacity.. B*tches plliz,,let the gal be.Get a life,next time pick the nomination forms n take part to show us wat u got. And to the guys that are beefing on the gal Leah Kalanguka,,i even got no kind words for you..Why din't you pick the nomination forms for yo fuckin "so you think" girlfriends??oh no wait,,or do you mean to say you din't want them to be crowned miss Ug...F*ck offf guys,get a life. Leah Kalunguka is miss Uganda,,so deal with it puss***s ..Dammmmmn.
And mind you ,,she is a computer engineer. So what are you madam Beyonce and Shakira.. Komambuzi..silly.
It sucks to be successful in Uganda.Ya all niggers n b*tches are jealous n mean..jeeeeeez.WTF

 Ssentongo Alejandro Hassan Creative Director at Satisfashion UG

You sit on your laptop and attack Miss Uganda. You think you are better looking yet you couldn't contest. You call her names yet you yourself would never call y...ourself beautiful or handsome. You say Sylvia Owori should take back the pageant but two months ago, it was on the verge of not happening and no one came in help. Ugandans always whining.Why didn't you vote for that one you felt was more deserving? Why didn't you send your girlfriend or sister to contest? The negative energy is too much. Instead of working to improve the quality of our lives we dwell on using our frustrations to put others down. ‪#‎Nuffsaid‬ ‪#‎Calmdown