Weasel Is Always Intoxicated - Kato Lubwama 

Posted: 2021-08-17T18:41:11Z
Weasel Is Always Intoxicated - Kato Lubwama 

A few weeks ago, musician Weasel thumped his shamba boy into a coma.

This was confirmed by Weasel’s mother and the KMP Spokesperson, Luke Oweyesigire while addressing the press even after the BET Award nominee refuted the accusations.

Comedian Kato Lubwama is disappointed that Weasel has learned nothing from Radio's death. The late succumbed to injuries sustained during a bar bawl along Entebbe Road.

Kato Lubwama has urged Weasel to reduce weed intake and other drugs he uses or else he will keep landing in trouble.

During an interview, Kato Lubwama explained that the Goodlyfe singer and his shamba boy were both intoxicated before turning against each other.