Yo’ A Village Pig If You Hate On Sheila --Frank Gashumba

Posted: 2014-10-26T04:21:49Z


Social media was ranting about Sheilah Gashumba's alleged coitus with Nigerian pop artist, Wiz Kid. This topic has steamed alot of attention in media, with Sheila's dad Frank coming out to rubbish and insult every one in the media and anyone who mentions his daughters name!!

As we had earlier wrote about Sheila's allegetions for sleeping with Wiz Kid :

She had replied this on her facebook page:

“If doing interviews with artists is the new way of sleeping with them then well and good. Am a TV presenter. My job is to get the best for my show! Am so sorry that you missed the Wizkid party and am sure your very angry at that,”

Now before, the worst comes to Frank Gashumba, trying to defend her daughter! He as usual, didnt calculate his words to the public. He went ahead to insult people and tag them poor fellas who are like village pigs. 

Photo of the post:


This post seem not have gone well with some people and one guy on facebook, had a strong warning for him...to stop being arrogant. Check what the guy had to say.

One guy on facebook put up this after Frank Gashumba's Post.

Jaksaw Reech writes:

Since yesterday social media is trending about what Frank Gashumba said about his riches and how her daughter Sheila has never jumped on a Boda Boda....giving us an attitude like....I really don't care about what anyone thinks of me. I am who I am, I do what I want & I don't live to please you. Well if he practices what he preaches why doesn't he explain why her other daughter Cathy who is 20 years old is seated at home working as a maid and is always jumping on Boda Bodas a...nd he never mentions her. Catherine does not even go to school yet she wants to....lwaki otufula abasiru when we can throw it back in your face lwakusirika. Nze mubusilu bwange ngamba.....Never ignore a person who cares for you because someday you’ll realize you’ve lost a diamond, While you were busy collecting stones. We all know you LOVE Sheila but do the same to Catherine and next time yogera bitono cz you end up looking like an idiot SEBBO!


Frank Gashumba you should apologise to the public...if this is really from you, social media thinks so....The war begins, lets who emmerges a winner.....