Ang3lina's Obsession With The Word 'LOVE' In All Her Songs ... Explained.

Posted: 2014-10-26T04:17:09Z

"LOVE" -- Angella Nabuufu alias Ang3lina's onomatomania!

It will not miss out in any of her songs, it's undeniably one of her favorite words in her music dictionary ... and it is making her fans wonder whether or not she's crazy about something she's kept cloak-and-dagger.

FYI: Ghetto Lovin' and The One are Ang3lina's most popular songs among Omukyala, Give It To You (Sigwa Kukoma) and the rest! .. all love songs! -- Even though 'Omukyala' song is technically about a woman being the true source of love in a family ... not the love-lust-lies kind!

A lot of people ask me why do I sing about "Love" a lot? Umm. I also don't know why lol. It's nothing personal! I just find myself writing about love!!! I try and put myself in someone else's shoes.

Well, now you know. Your favorite uprising dancehall/afro-pop star's obsession will the 'LOVE' word just comes naturally