People look at me as a sex object - Desire Luzinda

Posted: 2021-07-11T18:41:04Z
People look at me as a sex object - Desire Luzinda

Desire Luzinda’s nudes were leaked in 2014 by her ex-boyfriend.

The photos and videos went viral online and the singer received so much praise from the fans for what they had seen.

Desire Luzinda took advantage of the situation and released a song dubbed “Kitone” that topped charts and made some money out of it. 

However, years down the road, Desire Luzinda decided to put everything behind and turned to Christ.

She is currently a staunch born-again Christian and philanthropist who recently Christian Foundation to help needy people in Uganda.

Despite all the efforts to change the story of her life, Desire Luzinda feels hurt when people see her as a sex object because of her past. 

Explained that some people call her a crazy woman for what she has been through.

The singer made the remarks during an interview with BBC Service.