UMA Can Stand Without Chameleone — Dr. Hilderman

Posted: 2021-07-10T19:46:00Z
UMA Can Stand Without Chameleone — Dr. Hilderman

Member of Parliament for Mawokota, Hilary Kiyaga, commonly known as Dr. Hilderman has advised Chameleone to make a u-turn and return to the Uganda

Musicians' Association.  Chameleone recently formed a breakaway association named, Uganda Superstars' Association.  

According to Hilderman, Chameleone is less likely to achieve significant success with his new music group.

The advantage UMA has, according to Hilderman,  is that it has the numbers. 

 “As you all know, there is power in numbers. I don’t think Chameleone and his group will manage to traverse this country to get the numbers. Without the numbers, they’re not going to go anywhere. My advice is that he should subscribe to UMA again for the good of the industry,” Hilderman advises.

Many music critics say Chameleone is targeting government money. He has no clear objectives for the association.