Chameleone is untouchable like Bobi Wine - Kabako 

Posted: 2021-07-05T17:37:18Z
Chameleone is untouchable like Bobi Wine - Kabako 

A week ago while appearing on Dj Shiru’s Saturday night show on Bukedde TV, Jose Chameleone branded Kabako as a struggling broke musician. 

The TNS singer was expected to fire back but instead coiled his tail and heaped praises on the Leone Island boss. 

While on the same show over the weekend, Kabako said Jose Chameleone is untouchable just like Bobi Wine because of what he has achieved musically and also heading the Uganda Musicians Federation, an Umbrella which has been branded “for only superstars” by the members that joined a week ago when it was founded. 

Kabako, who was appointed the Information minister said he proud of associating with Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine.

Kabako insisted that he wouldn’t respond to Jose Chameleone’s insults because of the respect he has for the legendary singer.

Over the past few days, Chameleone's music group has been called out being a group of greedy musicians who are targeting free government money.