Eddy Kenzo is Musically Bigger than Chameleone - Kasuku 

Posted: 2021-07-03T17:36:23Z
Eddy Kenzo is Musically Bigger than Chameleone - Kasuku 

Media Critic Kasuku Wazabanga believes the Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo is musically bigger than Chameleone. 

His dreams differ from those of Chameleone who is only focused on the local market.

Kenzo still wants to win something bigger than the BET award. He could be eyeing a Grammy and he will do anything possible to bring it home.

Kasuku added that Chameleone is now looking at getting money from the government yet Eddy Kenzo is contented with his wealth. He only wants to increase his awards in his cabinet.

"Eddy Kenzo is better than Chameleone musically. He is looking at winning international awards yet Chameleone only thinks about government cash. They can't be on the same page," he explained in an interview with local television.

It should be noted that in 2014, Kenzo thumped Kasuku. He was accused of always saying negative things about Kenzo.