I am not Bonking Serena Bata - Geosteady

Posted: 2021-06-09T18:23:48Z
I am not Bonking Serena Bata - Geosteady

Struggling musician Geosteady has been worryingly close to fellow musician and Sipapa's ex-girlfriend, Brown Serena Bata.

Many had started linking the two romantically but Geosteady has distanced himself from having an affair with Serena.

He says he is not interested in harvesting Serena. They are just friends and business partners, who are both earning from their craft.

"There is nothing between us and I have no interests in being in a romantic affair with Serena. We talk because all of us do music," he said in an interview with local television.

Geosteady separated with his baby mama, Kim Kardash, who is currently dating Mr. Henrie, a presenter with Galaxy FM.