Bebe Cool Hints about wedding 

Posted: 2021-06-08T20:01:23Z
Bebe Cool Hints about wedding 

Bebe Cool is a living legend that has kept on top of his game for over two decades.

For years, the Gagamel boss has been in tight competition with Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone in not only music but also other aspects of life.

Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone wedded their loved ones in 2011 and 2008 respectively.

Bebe Cool had nikkah but he has never had a white wedding. He has always promised his wife, Zuena Kirema, a mega wedding. 

If we are to go by his latest social media post, it seems he has finally made up his mind, he ready to give Zuena a dream wedding. 

"On Saturday, I performed at a friend's wedding King Ivan Goodheart and it made me more excited about THE WEDDING DAY.
Allah protects me, my wife, family, and friends so we can live to see that day.InshaAllah
#SilentMajority," he posted.

Bebe Cool asked Allah to protect him, his family, and his wife so that they could see their wedding that is likely to happen soon.

We wish Bebe Cool this he best