I Take Good Care of Geosteady’s Children — Mr. Henri   

Posted: 2021-06-02T19:16:24Z
I Take Good Care of Geosteady’s Children — Mr. Henri   

Galaxy FM radio presenter, Mr. Henri, has refuted claims that there is bad blood between him and Geosteady.  

There are rumors that Mr. Henri doesn’t play Geosteady’s music on Galaxy FM, ever since he started dating Geosteady’s ex.  Henri, says he plays the singer’s songs particularly ‘Energy’, in collaboration with Jose Chameleone.  

“I have heard reports that I don’t play Geosteady’s songs but that is a lie. Here in Uganda, nobody plays Ugandan music as I do. He is one of the great artists we have. I like his song ‘Energy’, it is one of those I like the most. I play it over and over,” he said. 

 Henri also addressed claims that he doesn’t care for Geosteady’s children. 

 “I love Prima’s children. I treat them well. When you love someone, do it 100%. The problem with the youth is not accepting all of it, they enter relationships halfway. I chose her knowing it, love wins,” he stated.

Geosteady bitterly fell out with Prima Kardash.