I Buried the Hatchet with Meseach Ssemakula — Geoffrey Lutaaya 

Posted: 2021-05-29T19:33:27Z
I Buried the Hatchet with Meseach Ssemakula — Geoffrey Lutaaya 

Band musicians Geoffrey Lutaaya and Meseach Ssemakula were once best friends and worked together under Eagles Production as directors. The pair and other members had a very bitter split and didn’t see eye to eye for a very long time.

Years had passed without them being in the same space, but this week, they met at Mathias Walukaga’s swearing-in ceremony where they were both guests.

They were seen having a light moment and when asked about their relationship, Lutaaya said they had solved their differences.

“We are now grown up. Some of the things that made us fight do not make sense anymore. We are now on good terms and we communicate,” Lutaaya explained.

Mesach and Lutaaya bitterly fell out in 2014 after close to two decades together as Eagles Production. They accused Lutaya, who had just wedded, Irene Namatovu, of greed and misappropriation of funds. The runaway group was named Golden Band production which consisted of Ronald Mayinja, Grace Ssekamatte, Michael Kinene, Mesach Ssemakula, Catherine Kusasira, the group’s manager Musa Kavuma.