I don't bonk women -Sheebah

Posted: 2021-05-14T21:22:28Z
I don't bonk women -Sheebah

Sheebah Karungi is, without doubt, one of the most successful musicians in Uganda.

For the past decade, she has risen from grass to grace to bag some of the biggest Awards, perform on the biggest stages, release hit songs, and most importantly, make a fortune from her career. 

However, her love life has been a mystery for years.

Sheebah has never been seen with a man and neither has she paraded one.

The tabloid media has always reported about her as one who bonks fellow women thus keeping her love and bedroom life private.

Recently, Sheebah posted relationship advice on her social media platforms, “Independent women got 2 choices: A partner that’s very supportive, loving and respectful, or no partner at all.

To all the young girls/ladies that look up to me, Please take your time. If you end up in a wrong relationship (which is normal ) get out as soon as you realize it’s not for you instead of wasting your precious time,” part of it read.

A fan responded by asking her to stop advising because she has no idea about it. After all, she bonks fellow women.

Sheebah was quick to trash the allegations from the fan and claimed she is straight but rather prefers to keep her love life private. 

Sheebah has previously been linked to female singers Fille, Nina Roz, and Recho Rey.