Canary Mugume’s Fiancée Pregnant 

Posted: 2021-05-10T20:39:09Z
Canary Mugume’s Fiancée Pregnant 

NBS news anchor Canary Mugume proposed to his long-time lover, Sasha Ferguson, and days later, she introduced him to her family. 

The public was shocked by how quickly the events transpired despite knowing the two as long-time lovers.


A source has revealed to this website that Sasha Ferguson swallowed a live seed and her family was not okay with it. They demanded that he meets the family officially.
They organized the proposal and introduction within a fortnight under intense pressure. 


Sasha Ferguson had been spending most of her time in Germany where she was previously dating a man old enough to be her grandfather. 


However, Sasha Ferguson relocated to Uganda to fully settle with Canary Mugume.