Rema-Ssebunya relationship is just to hurt Kenzo - Mc Kapale 

Posted: 2021-04-25T20:09:12Z
Rema-Ssebunya relationship is just to hurt Kenzo - Mc Kapale 

Musician Rema Namakula is currently in Dubai celebrating her birthday with her hubby, Hamzah Ssebunya, together with their family members.

They have been flooding social media with love Dovey pictures to the excitement of some social media in-laws.

Whereas, their haters are cursing, branding the relationship showbiz oriented. 

Comedian Mc Kapale thinks the pictures are intended to hurt Eddy Kenzo. He predicts that the marriage will end in tears as soon as the couple returns from Dubai.

"I have never admired that couple and it doesn’t inspire me in any way. Their relationship will end in tears. As soon as they will return from Dubai, they will break up. The sun is going to heat Dr. Ssebunya direct in the head, it will change his settings and he will end up battering Rema which will cause their break up.

Their love affair is just for showbiz and Rema did it just to show off that she was on-demand and to hurt Eddy Kenzo,” Mc Kapale said while talking about Rema- Hamza's marriage.

Rema, however, emphasizes that Hamzah is the love of her life. She always prayed to God to get such a man who treats her like a queen.

Rema introduced hubby Hamzah Ssebunya on November 14th, 2019 in Nabbingo, a Kampala suburb.