Mariachi is Funnier Than Me — Patrick Salvador 

Posted: 2021-04-20T20:52:31Z Read: 781 times
Mariachi is Funnier Than Me — Patrick Salvador 

Comedian Salvador Idringi ranks fellow comedian Mariachi as number one in the game today. 

This, he says he is not shy to say because it’s a fact.  

“He is number one right now and I can’t complain. I am not the best comedian in Uganda but I try my best to stay relevant. Some new kids are very funny but I also make sure I position myself in them. So that if you ask which comedians are hot at the moment, my name appears,” he says. 

 He advises other comedians to constantly re-invent if they are to stay relevant.  

“Do you know why Bebe Cool has stayed relevant? Because he reinvents himself all the time according to the situation in his business,” he said.

A few years ago, Salvador confessed that if Mariachi was fluent in English, he(Salvador) would have been out of business now.