BBS TV's Florence Nampijja Talks Love and Relationships 

Posted: 2021-04-19T19:50:53Z Read: 1,058 times
BBS TV's Florence Nampijja Talks Love and Relationships 

BBS TV's Florence Nampijja has kept different men's pants shaking for the years she has been in the art industry. She has featured in different movies and hosts a daily evening show on BBS TV.

Nampijja has featured in movies including Enyonta, Facebook, Akakwakulizo, Akadanyuma, Akakyama, and plays such Ganemeredde, Najjanani, and series such Ekirungo, and many others.

She has, however, been silent about her love life. Social media in-laws believe she is ready for marriage, but the beautiful host thinks otherwise. She hasn't found the right partner.

"God will determine my time of marriage, I don't rush to do things and, you all will know when I have found the right person," she partly explained in an interview with a local YouTuber.

Nampijja, who is already dating, likes good-looking, attractive to, and God-fearing men but is turned off by those who beat and mistreat their women.