Why Spice Diana Didn’t Attend Kabako’s Kwanjula  

Posted: 2021-04-14T20:40:03Z
Why Spice Diana Didn’t Attend Kabako’s Kwanjula  

Singer Kabako’s kwanjula happened last week and it was graced by many celebrities from different walks of life.

This was because Kabako did a good job announcing his occasion and distributing invitation cards.  

Among those who didn’t turn up is Bebe Cool, whom  Kabako has criticized for having a bad heart.  

Singer Spice Diana is also didn’t show up despite receiving an invitation and making generous contributions.  According to Kabako, She had a show in Tanzanian which collided with the kwanjula. 

“She explained to me and I understood. She gave us water and a car to transport journalists. I’m grateful to her,” Kabako said in an interview.

Spice Diana is currently in Tanzania trying to secure a collabo from Diamond Platinumz.