Diana Nabatanzi Casts Doubt on Lwasa's Manhood

Posted: 2021-03-25T20:30:01Z
Diana Nabatanzi Casts Doubt on Lwasa's Manhood

BBS Terefayina host Diana Nabatanzi bitterly split with her investor, Emmanuel Lwasa in February this year.

Lwasa claimed Nabatanzi was after his money and wealth, she didn't want to give him children.  This forced him to marry another woman.

In a video clip making rounds on social media, sexy Nabatazi casts doubt on Lwasa's manhood saying she is not the one to blame for not having a child between them.

"You can't blame a woman for not getting pregnant. It could be you who's impotent, maybe all those children are not your, " she claimed in a video clip.

Lwasa is a known casanavo. He smells any beautiful woman miles away. She has more than 4 women.