Bebe Cool is A Serial Cheat — King Michael

Posted: 2021-03-25T20:16:43Z
Bebe Cool is A Serial Cheat — King Michael

Musician King Michael can never get Bebe Cool’s name off his tongue. A week rarely goes without attacking Bebe Cool. 

In his latest utterances, he said Bebe Cool is a serial cheat, it is in his DNA not to pay.

He warned those working with him and others intending to do so, to be careful.

He made the statement while appearing on a local television station.

 He was commenting on a recent claim by former Swangz Avenue artiste, Zulanda, who claimed Bebe Cool had failed to pay him his reward of 50M for writing a campaign song titled

 ‘Mzee Tumwongere Akalulu’
“Bebe Cool failing to pay is a bad thing for someone of his status. It is very embarrassing. He removed me and Big Eye from the list of artists who went to Munyonyo to perform. He even went to West Nile and people on the team told me he received the money," he alleged.

The dancehall singer went on to say that he’d pay Zulanda if Bebe fails to.

Micheal has been without a hit song for a long time and he is rarely booked to perform. It is therefore not known where he will get 50M to pay Zulanda. Michael, it can be recalled was at one time begging to meet Museveni for financial aid.