NBS's Kayz brands Kato Lubwama a political clown 

Posted: 2021-03-22T20:54:16Z
NBS's Kayz brands Kato Lubwama a political clown 

Over the weekend, Kato Lubwama was one of the guests on NBS TV’s show titled “Uncut Sabula”.

During the show, the show host Kayz trashed Kato Lubwama’s music’s stating that it’s bubble gum and can't be given attention by the fans. “Your music is bubble gum. Nobody will listen to it,” Kayz said.

In response, Kato Lubwama responded by saying that Kayz is stupid musically.

 “Our music industry has a challenge of people like this one (Kayz). He doesn’t know anything about music and he also wants to contribute and give opinions about the industry. He is totally stupid,” angry Kato Lubwama responded.

On Monday Morning on his Morning Express show on NBS TV sister station Sanyuka, Kayz also labeled Kato Lubwama as a political clown.

He noted that Kato Lubwama is an intelligent man something which explains why he won the elections in 2016 but when he got to Parliament, he turned into a political clown and this explains why he lost the recently concluded elections.